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Diagnostic Pen Light - SM106B

Diagnostic Pen Light - SM106B

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Bright illuminates the eyes, ear and throat. SM106A offers yellow illumination

Careers Reusable Silver Diagnostic Pen Light allows for the assessment of small body parts such as eyes, ears, nose and throat by a medical professional. This 5.5" long penlight has a halogen bulb, that emits a yellow light similar to natural sunlight. The light is activated with a top push button and the imprinted pupil gauges on the side allows for easy assessment at a glance. The stylish pocket clip holds the penlight onto a uniform or lab coat and uses 2 AAA batteries.

Product Features:

    • Reusable penlight
    • 5.5” length
    • Yellow Light
    • Halogen bulb
    • Two AAA batteries
    • Bright illumination
    • Compact size
    • Aluminum casing
    • Pupil gauge imprint on the side
    • Boxed packaging

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