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Cardiology Stethoscope - SM104

Cardiology Stethoscope - SM104

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This surgical stainless steel stethoscope is quality made to diagnose the faintest sounds or murmurs and specifically constructed to detect both low and high frequency heart and respiratory sounds.

Spectrum’s top performing acoustic stethoscope is the Cardiology Stethoscope. This all surgical stainless steel constructed stethoscope has a deep cone-shaped bell and is ideal for the detection of lower frequency heart sounds (20-660 Hz) while the snap-on diaphragm is specialized for detecting higher frequency heart and respiratory sounds (150-1000 Hz). Quality made to diagnose the faintest sounds or murmurs, this stethoscope has been lab tested alongside a well-known, high-end competitor and was shown to perform with the same outstanding quality and dependability.

Product Features:

    • All surgical stainless steel design
    • Latex-free tubing
    • Dual-sided head
    • Non-chill rims
    • Superior sound
    • Internal spring
    • Quality diaphragm
    • Split chamber tubing
    • Boxed with spare ear pieces
    • Diaphragm can be imprinted for an additional charge

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